Q) What is memory foam (MF)?

A) Please refer to our Memory Foam Information section for a detailed description of memory foam and its applications and benefits.

Q) I keep hearing about “Tempur” and other manufacturers. How does Extra Comfort Restore® Memory Foam compare, and why do you only offer one type?

A)It is our clear opinion that in terms of quality and price, our products are the best products available on the market. We therefore see no need to use any other memory foam (MF). Furthermore, our foam fully complies with BS 5852: Part 2:1982, Furniture & Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988.

It is not our company policy to constantly compare our products with Tempur or other manufacturers, like so many other producers and retailers. We do not see the need for this, as our products are of premium quality and substantially cheaper than Tempur or other comparable products.

Constant comparison to Tempur shows a large degree of uncertainty and insecurity about their own products amongst Tempur's competitors and is a completely negative approach to ones own merchandise.

We are positive that our products in terms of quality and price are the best available and see therefore no need of continuous comparisons.

For further information please refer to our Memory Foam Information or Why Buy From Us.

Q) What is the best thickness and density for a memory foam mattress?

A) After extensive research it is our conclusion that generally the most suitable thickness is 7 cm(2.8”) supported by a 13 cm ( 5.1”) premium high density foam, giving an overall depth of 20 cm (7.9”). The memory foam should have a density of 60kg cm3/4lbs. cft. Less might not be suitable, more is excessive and becomes too expensive.

Q) What benefits does MF provide and how can it help me?

A) Other than greatly improving your general sleep pattern, MF has numerous benefits, so much so that the NHS and professional sports people are using memory foam mattresses and memory foam pillows on a daily basis.

Amongst other disorders, memory foam mattresses, memory foam pillows/cushions are beneficial for osteo-and rheumatoid arthritis, skeletal, sciatic, joint, back, neck, lumbar, fibrositis, kyphosis, obesity, pubic symphysis, cruciate ligament, spondylitis problems and can relieve the pain associated with these conditions.

They are used for geriatric care and can alleviate pressure sores and skin ulcers. There are simply too many benefits to list them all here. Please click here for a more comprehensive list of applications.

Q) I am a restless sleeper and wake up often during the night. Will a memory foam mattress / overlay (topper) or pillow help?

A) Tossing and turning, due to the creation of pressure points, are one of the most common reasons for a restless sleep. Using a mattress/overlay or pillow will virtually eliminate those pressure points and reduce tossing and turning by up to 80%!!! This will give you the most restful and best sleep ever.

Q) Are memory foam mattresses / overlays (toppers) hot to sleep on and will they make me sweat?

A) The open cell structure of MF, compared to normal foam products, greatly reduces the creation of so-called hotspots that can make you perspire excessively during the night. However, a MF mattress or overlay with a thickness over 7 cm might also prove to deep and again could lead to excessive perspiring. This is one of the reasons why we neither sell nor recommend the use of MF that is more than 7 cm in depth.

In any event, all our memory foam mattresses / overlays (toppers) come complete with our unique ExtraAirflow cotton covers that promote extra air circulation between you and your memory foam mattress/overlay (without effecting the benefits of the memory foam), thus further preventing any potential hotspots.

Q) Do memory foam pillows / cushions work in the same way as memory foam mattresses do?

A) Yes. We would always recommend a memory foam pillow or cushion as the perfect compliment to a memory foam mattress or overlay.
Pillow or cushion can also be used for a specific problem, for example, of the neck or vertebra. There are simply too many benefits a MF pillow/cushion can provide you with. For a more comprehensive list of uses please click here.

Q) Do you have to turn mattresses?

A) No. It does not sag. Always leave the side with the MF facing upwards.

Q) Do Extra Comfort’s MF products comply with Fire Regulations?

A) Yes. All the memory foam products supplied by comply with British Standards 5852: part 2 1982, Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988.

Q) Do I need a memory foam mattress or just an memory foam overlay (topper)?

A) This depends upon the condition of your existing mattress or other surface you wish to place your overlay on. If your existing mattress or alternative base is offering enough support, then an overlay might well be sufficient.

Memory foam overlays (toppers) need a good support base to be effective.

Q) Should I choose a 5cm (2”) or 7cm (2.8”) deep overlay?

A) We would generally recommend the use of our 5 cm overlay for infrequent and light use. The overlay is easily stored which makes it ideal for visitors, travel, caravan, mobile home etc. If used regular, we would not recommend this overlay for a weight in excess of 50 kg (8st.)

The 7cm overlay is suited for regular use and accommodates all normal weights.

For further information on memory foam overlays, please click here.

Q) Can I use an electric blanket with a memory foam overlay / topper?

A) Yes, as long as the electric blanket is on top of the foam and not underneath it. It’s best to have a sheet or cover between the foam and the electric blanket. Remember always follow the safety instructions supplied by the manufacturer and never leave an electric blanket on overnight.

Q) Will my current sheets fit my bed if I add a topper to my existing mattress?

A) That depends on how deep your sheets are. Standard bed sheets should be sufficient but fitted sheets might not be. If in doubt measure your existing mattress and then add the thickness of your chosen overlay / topper and compare this to the depth of your bed sheet.

Q) Why do memory foam mattresses and memory foam overlays (toppers) vary in price so much?

A) In the case of Tempur this is probably due to national and international advertising costs. These costs will ultimately be passed on to you, the consumer.

However, generally this is a good and justified question as there seem to be numerable products available, all promising the same benefits and quality at vastly differing prices. This clearly does not make sense. We believe that the answer lies in the quality of the products. A lot of inferior Memory foam products (mostly imported) are now entering the market and are sold at prices that cannot be matched by quality memory foam producers due to the production costs of premium memory foam. We appreciate that it must be tempting to buy these cheaper products, but be aware that if you buy an inferior or unsuitable memory foam product you will be wasting your money as it will provide very little or no benefits to you.

Q) Our bed is not a standard size. Do you offer a made to measure service?

A) Yes. We offer a bespoke service for all our memory foam mattresses and overlays. Please use our calculator in the appropriate product section to obtain an instant quote.

Q) How to assemble memory foam mattress

A) Just unwrap your MF mattress and place it on your bed frame

Q) What is an isotonic MF mattress pad and what are nasa MF bed toppers?

A) This are descriptions used to describe MF toppers.

Q)A sagging memory foam mattress- Is this a problem?

A) Only cheap MF mattresses might start to sag after use. Our MF mattresses do not.

Q) Could I have an explanation of MF mattress toppers compared to MF mattress?

A) A memory foam mattress topper might be sufficient for you, if your existing mattress is suitable as a base.

Q) What is a memory foam travel pillow?

A) This is simply a MF pillow which you can take with you whilst traveling

Q) Do you sell a memory foam lumbar cushion?

A) Yes. Please check out our ExtraPosture MF Cushion

Q) Do you sell a memory foam seat cushion or a memory foam car seat?

A) We will be shortly. Both products are currently under development

Q) What is a MF contour pillow?

A) This is a specially shaped to keep your neck and spine in alignment. Please check out our ExtraContour Memory Foam Pillow.

Q)Tempurpedic vs. MF mattresses. Which is better?

A)We believe, that our MF mattresses are of equal quality than a Tempur memory foam mattress

Q)Do you supply memory foam 3 inch mattress topper all sizes?

A) Yes, we do.